Mining Engineering as a Career Option

Mining Engineers are responsible for locating natural reserves of minerals, petroleum and other useful natural substances, and then to lay out plans, devices shafts, inclines or quarries for the safe extraction of these resources, whether they be coal, petroleum, metallic or non-metallic minerals, from under the earth. The safety measures needed to be taken have to be carefully chalked out, keeping in mind the workers health, welfare and safety.

Necessary Qualifications

A degree in mining engineering and a certificate from the Director General of Mines and Safety, Dhanbad, is a must.

Job Opportunities

Most jobs for mining engineers are with the government and public sector organizations such as the Indian Bureau of Mines, Geological Survey of India, and mining companies such as CIL (Coal India Ltd.), IPCL, HCL, Neyvelli Lignite Corporation, etc.

Mining engineers can also find work with some private sector mining companies, or in teaching and research.

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