Nursing as a Career Option


The largest group of workers in the health sector are those in the nursing occupations ; nurses and nursing assistants. Their training and education imparts knowledge and skill to work in hospitals, nursing homes, sanatoriums, schools, industry and private medical clinics. In hospitals and other inpatient institutions such as nursing homes staff nurses are required to work with patients under a particular category e.g. surgical cases, ophthalmic patients or pediatric cases. With the advancement in medical science, nursing education and care has been constantly improving.


Hospital nurse constitute by far the largest group of nurses. The job of a nurse is to give bedside care to convalescing patients. They have to record temperature, pulse rate, administer medication orally and hypodermically (injections), change dressings, assist patient in personal care, prepare patient for surgery and all other duties which incorporate both skill and understanding of patients needs. In short they work with doctors for speedy recovery of patients.

Apart from that a school nurse supervises student's clinic, attends to injuries and any sudden illness amongst children. Industrial nurses render preventive, remedial and educational nursing service under the directions of the Industrial Physician. Psychiatric nursing, pediatric nursing, operation theatre nursing, cardiac care nursing require additional training and work experience in these specialized fields. These trained nurses work in hospitals which render these specialist medical services. In the working hierarchy senior nurses are designated as Matron or Nursing Superintendent and they are responsible for supervision of the work of nurses and related administrative duties.


For B.Sc Nursing, training period is of 3 years after class XII. Auxlliary nursing diploma, midwifery diploma/certificate course and health visitors courses are of 2 and 1 year after 10+2. However, post certificate auxillary nursing and midwifery certificate holders can do B.Sc nursing condensed course of 2 yrs and become graduate nurses. They can further specialize for working in the operation theatre, cardiac care units, neurological surgery centres, nephrology unit management etc. They can also join nursing training schools and colleges after doing M.Sc Nursing. There are several colleges and hospitals which offer B.Sc, nursing degree and general nursing management (G.N.M.) certificates.

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