Where Can I Get Admission?

Where Can I Get Admission?
This is one of the most common questions in every students minds.

Well, to help you I have tried to simplify it a bit so that you can get an overall view where to apply and how and most importantly in which round to apply in that particular college.

[1]First you need to get the General Merit List of CET for year 2007.

[2]Then depending on your category you can check your final merit list status.
Check Final Merit Status for Maharashtra Candidates
Check Final Merit Status for All India Candidates (AIEEE)
Check Final Merit Status for J&K Candidates
Check Final Merit Status for MKB Candidates

[3]The in the download section in year 2007 CAP Process Data you can find various files which contain data about different CAP rounds ( till cap round three ). The cut-offs are which we will focus on.

Now this is simple. Just note down your details of the final merit list status as explained is [2].
You can compare it with last years cut-offs (from [3]) and get an idea where to apply.

If this is so easy then why do we need to write this post. The trick is here. You must have done comparison by CET marks but will it remain same every year? Obviously no!

Then what will remain same? RANKS

Also not those ranks which is printed on your CET result. The rank of the general merit is what will remain same.

So you have your rank by checking the final merit status[2]. Compare that rank with that in the 2007 year merit rank status file which you downloaded is [1]. The later will give you detailed information about colleges you should aim, in which round and all other things in the most precise way!

You would also like to check this out:

Best of luck!

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