A Unique IQ Test On Your Financial Status

I recently took the Bills IQ quiz. The goal of the quiz is to give you an understanding of your overall financial health and ways to improve your financial score. I received scores as given below:

  • Credit - 93%
  • Debt - 87%
  • Budget - 93%
  • Wealth - 83%
  • Life Plan - 85%

I have learned a lot of things from taking the quiz from BillsIQ, some of it are, we should be more aware about our goals for the future. We should know the importance of Debt consolidation, 401K & life insurance. I’m glad I was able to give a little time to review my options regarding the life insurance because if there’s something unexpected to happen. I believe that this IQ test will give anyone a chance to evaluate their financial health and get Debt help.

Bills.com provides consumers with information and interactive tools dealing with personal finance topics, including credit cards, insurance,Debt relief assistance, mortgage loans, student loans and other personal loans. The company is one of the five divisions of Freedom Financial Network.

After the IQ test they also give suggestions on what can be done to improve your condition. I got these three suggestions: Get help with credit card debt, Refinance your Mortgage and Get a free Credit Report.

By this IQ test you definitely can tell about your weakness and strongest area on your finances. If you are working towards your financial freedom, you must visit www.bills.com/iq/ take your free Bills IQ. It is free and quick so visit and start understanding your financial status.

Web Hosting Reviews, Rating and Awards

Web Hosting is a complicated subject and very few websites take the time and effort to explain the relationship and difference between the various concepts. There are a lot of companies out there in the market that provides web hosting services. Things even become more complicated as all such companies equally claim to provide a reliable, web hosting services with 99.9% uptime, with unlimited bandwidth and unlimited web space, etc. at a much cheaper price!

How about a website which gives Independent customer rating of top 10 web hosting companies. I recently came across a Web Hosing Review site which had very interesting reviews. The Top 10 Web Hosting list on the top of the left sidebar shows a comparison between the biggest hosts in the industry. The comparison is based on an undisclosed rating system. Apart from the abundance of website hosting articles and tutorials on the site, WebHostingRating also talks about the uncommon aspects of web hosting.

This is what the Review site has to say:

Independent customer rating of top 10 web hosting companies. Our host rating system is based on the customer satisfaction, affordability, reliability, uptime and techical support. Web Hosting Rating is the biggest searchable web hosting directory featuring complete information on all web hosting providers, their web hosting plans, promotional and discount coupons, and unedited reviews by real customers.

Web Hosting Rating gives you information about the current toipics in the web hosting industry so that you are aware of the ongoings. A good article i liked was on Securing Multiple Domains.

Web Hosting Rating gives a list of Web Hosting Directories which explain you what is web hosting, how the work and the best web hosting services they have to give. See this page about Yahoo Hosting Directory.

Create A Personal Slideshow At Roxio

I like taking photos from my camera. Photoshop has become like a hobby. I do photo editing in free time as time pass. Everyday you can learn to add a bit more spice t your photos and I found a similar site which helps you to enhance your photos and also add a little bit more to it for sharing.

Lets take an example
Here are a couple of images:

Now see this:

You can see the difference yourself but these are some things that you don't know.
You can even burn them on DVD to share with family and friends.
It supports GIF, JPEG, PNG and BMP. The speed of uploading your photos will depend on the size of your photos. Since I only have 3, it should be quite fast… The size limit is 20MB. You can also add in music, style, captions and stickers in it.

Try out various options at Roxio online and you will find it interesting.

Kota May Not Be An IIT Test Centre

"The Indian Institutes of Technology are considering dropping Kota — the coaching capital for IIT aspirants — as an admission test centre amid suspicions of mass cheating in this year’s entrance exam" reports the Telegraph

The Rajasthan town may next year not be allowed to host the IIT Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) its coaching classes have mastered, top institute officials said.

The proposal may be officially discussed as early as tomorrow when IIT directors meet to plan for the 2009 exam, sources said. The meeting of the IIT Joint Administrative Board — the highest policy-making body for the JEE — is in Kharagpur.

On an average, IIT officials estimate, over 20,000 outstation students arrive in Kota to prepare for the JEE at its 129 registered coaching classes. Most appear for the exam in Kota, which brands itself on its official website as an “education city”.

Kota’s success story in churning out IITians is not new, but a source said the trigger for the present concern was an internal report on the conduct of JEE 2008 at exam halls in that town.

A detailed analysis of this year’s JEE results showed up cases where over 20 students who appeared from the same room successfully cracked the exam, the source said. The average student strength per room was less than 40, so over half the students sitting in these rooms cleared the JEE.

In contrast, around 3,20,000 students in all sat for the exam this year and roughly 2 per cent — or one in every 50 applicants — were selected.

“The issue of scrapping Kota as a JEE centre is crucial because we at the IITs can no longer ignore the massive skew in favour of students who clear the entrance after studying at Kota. The skew is not easily explained,” an IIT director said.

Even apart from these specific “cases for concern”, Kota has an inordinately high success rate in sending students to the IITs. Almost one in every three students finally selected to the IITs is from Kota, the director said.

The town’s economy revolves around the success of its coaching classes, and barring it as a test centre is likely to significantly hurt its biggest industry, officials conceded.

The human resource development ministry has already dismissed the Rajasthan government’s proposal to set up an IIT in Kota

A Way To Save Life

Stem cells are cells found in most, if not all, multi-cellular organisms. They are characterized by the ability to renew themselves through mitotic cell division and differentiating into a diverse range of specialized cell types. As stem cells can be grown and transformed into specialized cells with characteristics consistent with cells of various tissues such as muscles or nerves through cell culture, their use in medical therapies has been proposed.

The classical definition of a stem cell requires that it possess two properties:

  • Self-renewal - the ability to go through numerous cycles of cell division while maintaining the undifferentiated state.
  • Potency - the capacity to differentiate into specialized cell types. In the strictest sense, this requires stem cells to be either totipotent or pluripotent - to be able to give rise to any mature cell type, although multipotent or unipotent progenitor cells are sometimes referred to as stem cells.
Cryo-Cell, one of the world’s largest and most established family cord blood banks is now offering women the chance to store their own menstrual stem cells. A storage technique called “C’elle” that promises to collect and store stem cells from a woman’s menstrual flow for possible future use.

C'elle's exclusive and revolutionary stem cell technology let you empower humanity using their unique technology to collect & preserve these life saving stems cells that can be found in your menstrual blood. This stem cell actually comes from the uterine lining (or endometrium) that is shed as part as a women’s menstrual period.

"C’elle enables and empowers a woman to take control of her future health, and possibly of those genetically closest to her, in a fast, painless and stress free way,"
said Michelle Kay, Marketing and Sales Manager for C'elle.
"We live in exciting times, as science and technology are discovering how extremely valuable menstrual blood stem cells really are, and the enormous treatment potential they represent for future therapies. C’elle’s ongoing research is supporting these promising findings."

So if you value your future, your family and the world, purchase C'elle now for only only $499. A limited-time is offered and you can save $200. Visit the website and start your purchase. You can also watch C'elle Client Testimonial for your own review. Click the About the Science to learn more about C'elle and stem cells.

Custom Writing Service Overnightessay.com

Everybody wants to write good essays, research papers and dissertations. But everybody may not be good at it or sometimes you just don’t have the time for it. If any of these is the case with you then I have a reason you can cheer about.

I have written about many custom writing services at edunewz.com. Most of them are effective but this writing service which I am discussing now has many factors exceptional to it. You may write your own papers but if that had been the case you wouldn’t be reading this. The first and most important thing about any writing service you are paying is that is it in safe hands? Are you guaranteed that you will get your custom paper on time? Thankfully, the writers at overnightessay.com clear this fact right at the beginning.

At overnightessay.com you will have a team of expert writers working on your project on the spot for you not to miss the deadline. Overnightessay.com writing company has a staff of 35 in-office writers covering all major academic fields and over 200 professionals working remotely.
Benefits of using services of Overnightessay.com are plenty which include plagiarism check, communication with writer, 24/7 live chat, SMS/E-mail notifications and many more.

The procedure to buy essay is very easy and is completed when you want. To learn the complete procedure see how it works. So overall I think this service is worth checking out.

Leave Your Mark. Save Humanity

The most widely used key in almost all fantasy books is undoubtedly immortality. Some modified versions like fountain of youth and eternity potions also exist. Come out of these fantasies because now you do have a chance to become immortal.

Does immortal only mean YOU living forever? We can also take it as leaving your mark forever. Some ways of doing it are get a noble prize or do something great enough do get your name printed in scriptures. You can get your names printed there for wrong reasons (easier than the earlier!) but surely none of us wants it that way.

At operationimmortality.com you have a chance to become immortal. It is an online game with something more to it. Just leave your message there and it will be put in space forever. That will make you immortal.

The message which I gave was “The first casualty when war comes is truth.” ID 849. I choose this as my motto because everyone has some truth in their heart and to avoid it coming out they mould want to avoid a war. Everybody knows what a nuclear war at this stage can cause to this earth and if I can do anything to avoid it I would be most satisfied.

Send your message to the universe. But if you want to do it, you have to hurry up and send it before this month comes to end. All the messages will be stored in an immortal drive and then it will be sent to space in October 2008. To do so, they want you to play a game. It’s a very simple and interesting game called Tabula Rasa, don’t worry it’s not something you have to buy but it’s a completely free online game and you can download it from their website.

So give your bit towards saving humanity.

NTSE-2009 National Talent Search Examination Books

Recently I got questions about which books should be referred for NTSE-2009 National Talent Search Examination. NTSE exams are based on your intelligence and your 8th standard CBSE books will be enough for the exam. However there are many specific books for NTSE and you can refer them. You can consult your class teacher of respective subjects for the books to refer. Practically it is suggested to refer those books.

NCERT does good work in case of books. Recommended books for all subjects of all standards are available on the website. You just need to check what you need. Some of the links are given below. Always helpful :)

Instructions regarding Downloading and reading books.
Download books.
List of NCERT Textbooks for Classes I to XII.

For further information regarding Printed Books Contact:

Chief Business Manager,
Publication Division,
NCERT Campus, Sri Aurobindo Marg,
New Delhi 110 016
Phone : 011-26562708,Fax - 011-26851070,
E-mail: cbm.ncert@nic.in

Happy studying!

IT Certifications From Cisco

Being an IT engineering student I know that just a college degree is not sufficient to bag a satisfying job with good package. So next obvious question is what more do you need? One good option you might consider is Network Certification Program from CISCO.

Cisco is a multinational corporation. It designs and sells networking and communications technology and services. Len Bosack and Sandy Lerner working in computer operations staff at Stanford University, later joined by Richard Troiano, founded Cisco Systems in 1984.


The widely accepted IT certification programs available through Cisco certification add great advantages to networking professionals, their managers, and the organizations that employ them. In addition to the career certifications, networking personnel can boost their fundamental knowledge by achieving specialist certifications in technologies such as security, IP telephony, and wireless.

Whether you are a highly skilled networking professional or a novice to the IT field, your career opportunities are numerous and diverse depending upon your abilities, training and ambition. The IT landscape is changing daily with new technologies and network architectures replacing the old and the demand for skilled professionals on the rise.

CISCO presents certification programs at various levels explained below

Entry and Associate Level Certification
The Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician (CCENT) certification is the first step toward achieving a Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), which covers the administration of medium-sized enterprise branch networks with more complex connections.

Professional Level Certifications
The Professional level of Cisco Career Certifications includes: CCNP, CCSP, CCVP, CCDP and CCIP each fall within a specific area of specialty. They each provide support for positions that involve a deeper understanding of a particular aspect of networking, including Senior Network Engineer or IT Manager.

Expert Level Certification
Cisco Certified Internet Expert (CCIE) is the highest level of achievement for network professionals, certifying an individual as an expert or master in IT. For more than 10 years, CCIE has identified networking professionals with the highest level of expertise.

The Value of Cisco Career Certifications

  • Higher salaries
  • A competitive advantage
  • New Career Options
  • Professional recognition

Join other IT professionals in this social learning network to enhance and advance your IT career.Visit CISCO now for Cisco certification!!

An Online Degree by Distance Learning

One of the most prominent and significant innovations are computers and with the coming of the internet, communicating to any corner of the world is no more a difficult proposition. The field of education too has benefited considerably from these advanced technical tools and online education, also referred to as e-learning is very common today.

However there are certain factors to be kept in mind in such cases. The internet is abuzz with various fake diploma mills which provide fake degrees and therefore there is a great possibility of being duped. Therefore, it is advisable to check the credentials of the online educational institutions and also the degrees offered by them and accreditation from the education department and other relevant authorities.

An Online Degree by Distance LearningAODDL(An Online Degree by Distance Learning) has listed and reviewed the top three online universities for your convenience. You just have to check out some of the top online universities offering online degree across many fields. At the bottom of every university you can see a link Request information today which leads you the the university page. As stated above it is recommend that you request more information from each school that you may feel fits your needs best. Contacting each school is the best way to make the most informed decision.

Apart from information about colleges providing online degrees AODDL also feeds you with inputs like Telecommuting Jobs, Life in and after college and most general overview about online education.

Now you don’t need to spend all your time and hundreds of thousands of dollars to attend classes in a traditional university. Earning your degree online is fast, easy, and for most - affordable. Many working professionals today in different fields looking to get an edge in their careers seek an online master's degree , the employee with the online degree gets to stay and grow with the company. It's your choice. Would you rather pay more, deal with traffic and other hassles, or simply earn an online degree by internet distance learning?

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