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The Association of Indian Management Schools (AIMS) was formed in 1988 as a network of management schools in the country at the National Conference of the Heads of Management Education Institutions on "National Education Policy and its Implications for Management Education in the Country" held at Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore in April 1988

AIMS has since grown into a powerful body for management schools in the country with a membership of about four hundred Institutes. AIMS is the second largest network of management schools in the world.

The Mission of AIMS is to function as the professional association of management education concerned with quality of management, manpower training and development, management research, curriculum development and take all such steps on its own or in collaboration with other agencies for the promotion of Management Education in India.

AIMS must function as the true representative body of management education in the country, safeguarding the interests of the sector and contributing to quality improvement on a continuing basis. AIMS must make determined efforts to develop and project its identity as the national network of the management schools system in India with its presence, voice and impact felt that respected in relevant national management and policy fora. This would call for rededicated commitment to its mission and well articulated programmes of action.

Aims, Objectives and Activities

* To provide a dynamic network of institutions engaged in Management Education, Training and Research in India.

* To contribute to the development of Management Education, in all its aspects, both qualitatively and quantitatively and to help maintain and improve standards of teaching, research and examination.
* To undertake, organize and facilitate training programmes for in-service personnel and their professional development.
* To help in the accreditation process of Management Education Institutions by suggesting specific criteria and evaluation standards of institutions and their programmes.

* To undertake and provide for the publication of newsletters, journals or other communications for dessimination of ideas and developments in the field of Management Education to member institutions.

* To institute or cause to set up local/regional chapters at convenient locations in India and to promote the objects of the Association more effectively.

* To cooperate, collaborate and interact with other Associations or Societies - National and International - for helping the cause of Management Education and Research, including training and consultancy.

* To take steps for the development of management literature, case studies, teaching materials, books, etc., relevant to the Indian context.

* To actively promote linkages between Management Education Institutions and Industry, Business and Government.

* To strengthen institutional capabilities through faculty development, faculty exchange and enable better use of infrastructural facilities.

* To organize seminars, conferences, management training, research, consultancy and publication activities in furtherance of the objectives of the Association.

* To launch common management training, research and consultancy ventures outside India on its own or in collaboration with other management institutions and networks, industries, inter-governmental agencies and other funding organizations.

* To associate and work in close collaboration with International Management Networks with a view to furthering the cause of Management Education and Management Development world-wide.


AIMS has a long standing collaboration with Canadian Consortium of Management Schools (CCMS) on Management Education with funding from the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). A number of joint activities such as Case Development Workshops, Research Workshops, etc., are being carried out under this project.

AIMS also works in close collaboration with the following Management Schools Networks in the world:

* Association of Management Development Institutes in South Asia (AMDISA)

* Association of Deans of South East Asian Graduate Schools of Management (ADSGM)

* European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD)

* International Management Network (INTERMAN)

* Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)

* AIMS is an active participant in the Global Forum on Management Education. It participated in the last Forum held in Bangkok in June, 2002 and in Santiago, Chile in Oct. 2005.

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