UGAT 2009

Undergraduate Aptitude Test (UGAT) 2009


Undergraduate Aptitude Test (UGAT) is a service being offered by Centre for Management Services (CMS) of AIMA since1998. University Department/Institutes/Colleges offering BBA, BHM, BCA, B.Sc (IT), B.Com, B.Tech etc can participate in UGAT.

The charges for including the institute's notification in the UGAT bulletin to be published in thousands of copies is the only amount to be paid by the participating institutes/ Colleges/ University Departments.

AIMA-CMS offers the following services to the Participating Institutes/ Colleges/University Departments

  1. Allotment of unique code number to the Participating Institute/ Colleges/ University Department known as MI Code to facilitate the candidates to endorse their option.
  2. Inclusion of the institute in the list of participating institutes with name, place and MI Code in the bulletin.
  3. Printing of UGAT bulletin inserting Institutes/Colleges/University Department specific notification and distributing the same for sale through over 60 outlets consisting of select AIMA Study Centres, selected Bank of Baroda Branches, etc spread all over the country.
  4. Preparation of media plan for release of newspaper advertisement to provide wide media coverage regarding UGAT and furnishing the same to the participating Institute/Colleges/University Department to synchronize the institute's promotional efforts.
  5. Advertisement in national dailies and regional newspapers listing the name of the participating Institute/Colleges/University Department. No extra charge will be levied on the Institute/Colleges/University Department.
  6. Provision of further publicity by means of posters, notices etc through over 41 AIMA Study Centres, over 58 Local Management Associations, etc.
  7. Fixing up of test centres to cover the length and breadth of the country and conduct of the test maintaining total credibility and absolute confidentiality.
  8. Arrangement of question booklets, answer sheets, etc for the conduct of the test and the test administration.
  9. Processing the result and furnishing the scores and other particulars to the institute in respect of those candidates who opt to join the particular institute. This will be both in hard copy as well as in CD.
  10. Exclusive provision of data of additional candidates only to the participating institute during the 30 days following the declaration of results, if so desired, as a prepaid service under the Management Insitute Search Service (MISS). The latest conditions and other details for availing additional data will be furnished on receipt of specific request from participating institutes/ Colleges/ University Departments.


The tariff for notifications (i.e. advertisement of participating Institute/ College / University Department) in the UGAT bulletin that will in turn provide all these services are:

Special Rebates for multiple page notification

No. Notification Value (Rs.) Rebate % Amount to be paid (Rs.) Saving
1 36,000 5% 34,200 1,800
2 45,000 5% 42,750 2,250
3 54,000 10% 48,600 5,400
4 63,000 10% 56,700 6,300
5 72,000 or more 15% 61,200 or more 10,800 or more


In our continuing efforts to provide quality service to both Institute/ College/ University Department as well as students; we have been regularly seeking suggestions from all stakeholders. On the basis of views obtained, we have been incorporating incremental improvements in our systems and procedures in order to cope up with the changing academic and professional environment.

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