Prospectus for Admission to the Post - Graduate Course in Dental Surgery (Master of Dental Surgery) in the Dental Colleges – 2009

( G.O(Rt) No. 4020/2008/H&FWD Dated : 03/12/2008 ) [Prospectus issued for earlier years not valid]

I) Preface:

Director of Medical Education, State of Kerala conducts Post Graduate courses in Dentistry (Master of Dental Surgery) in different specialities in Government Dental Colleges at Thiruvananthapuram and Kozhikode. A total of 38 seats are available in the state for the year 2009.

(II)Duration of the Course:

The duration of the course shall be three academic years (36 months) from the date of commencement of the course. The date of commencement of the Course and the last date of completion of admission process will be as per the time schedule fixed by the Government of India/Supreme Court of India.

(III) Fees

Fee Structure-
Tuition fee Rs.33,000/- per annum
Van fee Rs.1000/- per annum

(iii) Miscellaneous fee Rs.1500/- per annum

Caution Deposit(refundable) Rs.5,000/- (for the recovery of loss or damage to Laboratory equipment, tools etc.)
University Registration fee as applicable (To be remitted by the candidate directly to University as prescribed by the Universities.)
The fee in full except University Registration fee shall have to be paid at the College on the day of admission.
The fee (except the caution deposit) once remitted shall not be refunded under any circumstances.
If a candidate moves over from one course to another course of his/ her higher option from the same rank list, in the same College the entire fee remitted shall be adjusted for the new course. How ever movement from one college to another by re-allotment will entitle the payment of all fees except tuition fees. Candidates can seek for refund of all other fees except tuition fees in the earlier allotted college. The above rule will also apply to shifting of All India Quota within the state.

(IV) Eligibility for admission:

(a) Academic:-

Applicant should have passed BDS degree from any of the Universities in Kerala or from any other University recognized by any of the universities in Kerala as equivalent there to with eligibility for full Registration in respect of all courses. Applicants who will complete one year Compulsory Rotating Resident Internship (CRRI) on or before 30-04-2009 are eligible to apply for the Entrance Examination, but admission to the candidate will be given only after obtaining Registration of Kerala Dental Council.

(b) Nativity:- Applicants should have satisfied any of the following conditions: i) Indian citizens of Kerala Origin. ii) Have been residing in Kerala for a period of not less than 8 years. iii) Have passed the BDS Degree from any of the Dental Colleges in Kerala. iv) Certificate from Village Officer to show that [1] he/she or his/her

father/mother was born in Kerala or [2] That the applicant has been a resident of the Kerala State for a period of at least 8 years within a continuous period of 13 years should be Produced.

v) For applicants who have under-gone BDS course in Dental College in Kerala, a certificate stipulating the above condition from the Principal where he/she studied will be accepted in lieu of eligibility as per clause IV (b).

vi) Certificate in the body of the application form itself shall be submitted. Other certificates are not acceptable and such applications shall be rejected.

Age:-The upper age limit for General Merit candidates shall be 45 years and that for service candidates is 47 years as on 30-04-2009.
Eligibility Test:-All candidates shall have to qualify by securing minimum of 50% marks (40 % for SC/ST and SEBC candidates) in the Entrance Examination conducted by the Commissioner of Entrance Examinations, Kerala.

V. Distribution of Seats:

(a) Total seats in the state and the seats reserved under different categories are specified below.

Sl. No. Name of Courses Total Seats All India Quota State Merit Lecturer Quota DSQ SC/ST Quota IMS


1 M.D.S. in Prosthodontics 3 2 2 1 1

2 M.D.S. in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery 3 2 2 1 1 1

3 M.D.S. in Orthodontics 3 2 1 1 1*

4 M.D.S. in Periodontics 3 2 2 1 1

5 M.D.S. in Conservative Dentistry 4 2 2 1 1

1 1
6 M.D.S. in Oral Pathology & Microbiology 3 2 1 1 2

7 M.D.S. in Paedodontics 2 2 1 1 1

8 M.D.S. in Oral Medicine & Radiology 2 2 1 1 1

Total 23 16 12 8 9 1 5 2 1

*1 seat in orthodontics from the state quota has been reduced as per the direction of the DGHS due to the regularisation of excess admission during the year 2007.

Out of the total 39 seats approved by Government of India, 20 seats (50%) shall be earmarked for All India Quota candidates. Of the remaining 19 seats (50%) 1 seat in orthodontics from state quota has been reduced as per the direction of the DGHS , 9 seats shall be set apart for State merit candidates and (10%) 2 seats shall be reserved for SC/ST candidates. Of the remaining 7 seats 1 seat shall be reserved for Lecturers of the Medical Education Department and 5 seats shall be reserved for Dental Surgeons of the Health Services Department and 1 seat for Insurance Medical Service.
Out of the 2 seats reserved for SC/ST candidates, one seat shall be for the ST and in the absence of an ST candidate, the seat shall be allotted to an SC candidate. In the absence of candidates under SC and ST, the seats shall be filled up by eligible candidates from the General Merit.
Any seat falling vacant under lecturer quota (LQ) and Health services quota (HSQ) or Insurance Medical Service (IMS) shall be added to the General Merit quota.
Claim for reservation under Scheduled Caste/ Scheduled Tribe Quota
Candidates claiming reservation under Scheduled Castes/ Scheduled Tribes Quota shall obtain the Caste/ Community Certificate from a Revenue Officer not below the rank of a Tahsildar, in the application form. The Christian converts who have subsequently embraced Hinduism shall produce Caste/Community Certificate in the proforma given in the application form. The following Certificate shall also be got recorded by the Revenue Official, below the Certificate “The Certificate is issued after observing the guidelines issued in Government Circular No. 18421/E2/SC/STDD dated, 15-12-1987.”
The applications for the reserved seats under Scheduled Castes/ Scheduled Tribes quota which do not contain SC/ ST Certificate (Community Certificate) from the Tahsildar in the prescribed form provided on the body of the application will not be considered on any account for claiming community reservation against the seat reserved for SC/ ST candidates -vide G.O. (MS). 31/90/SC/STDD dated, 25-05-1990. The Community Certificate shall clearly specify that the candidate himself/herself (not the father or mother) belongs to the Scheduled Castes / Tribes. The Community Certificates obtained earlier for other purposes shall not be accepted. The candidates who are reconverted to Hinduism from Christianity of Scheduled Caste origin shall produce Community Certificate from the Tahsildar concerned along with a copy of Gazette Notification regarding re-conversion.

(iii) .The claim for reservation under Scheduled Caste/ Scheduled Tribes quota shall also be subject to verification and clearance by the screening committee constituted for the purpose by Government vide G.O.(P) No.19/2002/ SC/STDD dated 20-04-2002 and as authorised by section 6 of the Kerala (Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes) Regulation of issue of Community CertificateAct1996 (Act 11 of 1996).

(iv)The SC/ ST claims in respect of those who have migrated from one State to another will be subject to the provisions of GO (MS) 10/86/SC/STDD, dated, 1202-1986. Only the children of those who had migrated to this state before the promulgation of the constitution (Scheduled Tribes) order 1950, and ordinarily reside in this state can claim SC/ST benefits from the State of Kerala. They must be able to prove this if required

(v) SC/ST caste status of children of parents contracted inter-caste marriage will be subject to the orders/clarification issued in G.O(MS) No.11/05/SC/STDD dated 22.03.2005, G.O(MS) No.25/05/SC/STDD dated 22.06.2005 and the judgement dated 10.08.2005 of the Full Bench of the Honorable High Court of Kerala in WP 2483/2005 and connected cases. Their SC/ST claim will be subject to verification and clearance by the Screening Committee constituted by the Government vide G.O.(P) No.19/2002/SC/STDD dated 20-04-2002. The application of such candidates for the reserved seats of SC/ ST which do not contain certificate from the concerned Tahsildar in the prescribed form provided in the body of the application shall not be considered on any account (vide G.O. (MS). 31/90/SC/STDD Dated, 25-05-1990.). The Community Certificate shall clearly specify that the candidate himself/ herself (not the father or mother) belong to the Scheduled Castes/Tribes. There is no separate reservation quota for the children born of Intercaste married Couples of whom one is a scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe.


(vi) Those who produce false SC/ ST Certificate for claiming reservation under SC/ ST quota shall be liable for the penalties stipulated in section 15 of the Act referred to in Clause (c). Candidates and their guardians who make such applications are warned that in addition to prosecution they will have to suffer the following consequences, in case the SC/ ST Certificate produced is found to be false and the candidate does not belong to any SC/ ST Communities, under section 16 of the Act: “16 Benefits secured on the basis of false Community Certificates to be withdrawn.

Whoever not being a person belonging to any of the Scheduled Tribes secured admission in any education institutions against a seat reserved for such castes or tribes or secures any appointment in the Government, Government undertakings, Local Authority or in any other Company or Corporation owned or controlled by the Government or in any aided institution against a post reserved for such castes or Tribes or enjoys any other benefits intended exclusively for such castes or tribes by producing a false Community Certificate shall, on cancellation of the false community certificate, be removed by cancelling the irregular admission in the concerned education institution, or as the case may be removed from the said service forthwith and any benefit enjoyed by him as aforesaid shall be withdrawn forthwith.
Any amount paid to such person by Government or any other agency by way of Scholarship, grant, allowance stipend or any other financial benefit shall be recovered as if it is an arrear of public revenue due as land.
Any degree, diploma or any other education qualifications acquired by such person after securing admission in any education institution on the basis of a false Community Certificate shall also stand cancelled on cancellation of the Community Certificate obtained by him/her”.

(VII) Claim for reservation under Service Quota

Service Quota includes Lecturer Quota, Health Service Quota and Insurance Services Quota. The Eligibility criteria laid down in clause IV(a),(b),(c) and (d) are applicable for service candidates also.

Lecturer Quota Lecturers working in Government Dental and Medical Colleges are eligible to apply under Lecturer Quota in the speciality in which they are appointed, for seats reserved for them as per Clause V. They shall be regular lecturers.
Health Services Quota Dental Surgeons working under the Director of Health Services in Government Hospitals are eligible to apply under Dental Surgeons quota for seats reserved for them as per clause V. They shall be regular Dental Surgeons.
Dental Surgeons working under Insurance Medical Service Department are eligible to apply under the IMS Quota for seats reserved for them.
Lecturers and Dental Surgeons, who have under gone MDS Course or were selected for MDS Course in any speciality under service quota once, shall not be eligible for selection to another speciality under service quota a second time. The applicant shall submit a declaration to this effect.

(VIII) Criteria for Selection for service candidates

a) The criteria for selection shall be their inter se seniority in service.

The inter se seniority shall be fixed as total physical service reckoned as on the date of notification for inviting application from the date of regular appointment.
Any period of Unauthorised Absence or absence due to Leave without Allowance (including on medical ground) shall be excluded from the period of total physical service.

(iii) If more than one candidate applies for a course and qualifies the entrance examination, and if the difference in length of service between two candidates is less than 90 days, the date of PSC advice and the seniority in rank shall be considered for calculating the seniority.

(iv) The Service Candidates should also apply to the Commissioner of Entrance Examination. How ever they should forward a copy of the application form along with copies of all required documents duly attested by a competent Officer and service details such as date and number of KPSC advice, Certificate of date of commencement of regular service from the appointing authority and service details from the Accountant General to the controlling officer concerned (DME/DHS/DIMS). The controlling officer will verify the applications and prepare a rank list according to the seniority of the candidates and forward the applications and rank list to the Director of Medical Education.

(IX) Entrance Examination

All candidates, seeking admission to the MDS course shall have to appear for the entrance examination conducted by the Commissioner of Entrance Examination, Kerala.
When and how to apply

i) The date and time of the entrance examination shall be notified by the Commissioner of Entrance Examination in due course.

ii) The candidate seeking admission to the course shall apply to the Commissioner of Entrance Examination in the specific format after downloading it from the web site at “”, along with a D.D of Rs.1000/- (For SC/ST candidates Rs 500/- only) drawn in favour of the Commissioner of Entrance Examination, Thiruvananthapuram payable at Thiruvananthapuram.

iii) The application form is common for all candidates seeking admission to the course. The prospectus can also be downloaded from the web site.

iv) The application forms and the prospectus will not be available from the office of the Commissioner of Entrance Examination or from the Medical / Dental Colleges.

vi) A service candidate who wishes to apply under General Merit Quota shall submit application as per division (ii) of the same clause along with a D.D of Rs.1000/.(For SC/ST candidates Rs 500/- only)

vii) The service candidates also shall apply to the Commissioner for Entrance Examination as stipulated in clause (ii) to (vi).

viii) The application form correctly filled in, together with the necessary documents shall be sent by registered post to “The Commissioner of Entrance Examinations, V Floor, Housing Board Buildings, Santhi Nagar, Thiruvananthapuram – 695 001” with the superscription “Application for admission to M.D.S Courses, 2009” before the time and date notified by the Commissioner.

ix) Late and defective applications will not be considered by the Commissioner for Entrance Examination under any circumstances.

(C) Certificates / documents to be submitted

(a) To be submitted along with the application form

No original certificates need be attached with the application form. Attested true copies/ Photostat alone shall be submitted with the application form unless specified otherwise

  1. Demand Draft for Rs.1000/-(For SC/ST candidates Rs. 500/- only) as per clause (X)(b) ii ,(in original)
  2. B.D.S Degree/ PASS Certificate
  3. House surgeoncy certificate. In the case of candidates who are undergoing internship in the Dental Colleges of the State, a certificate from the concerned Principal to the effect that he/she will complete internship by 30.04.2009 shall be attached.
  4. Certificate to prove the age and date of birth
  5. Mark list of each BDS examination.
  6. Any other certificate required along with the application.
  7. Passport size photographs taken within 6 months (affix at the spaces

provided) b) To be obtained in the body of the application form itself

  1. Nativity certificate as per clause IV (b).
  2. Community certificate in the case of SC/ST candidate as per clause VI (i) from the revenue officers not below the rank of Tahsildars.
  3. Those who claim relaxation of marks applicable for SEBC candidates, community certificate to that effect and income certificate has to be obtained from the Revenue Authorities concerned. SEBC benefit will be subject to the income limit which will be in force as prescribed by Government at the time of publishing rank list.

c) To be produced at the time of counselling.

  1. Certificate of equivalency / recognition from any University in Kerala, in the case of candidates who have passed BDS from any University outside Kerala. This certificate need be produced at the time of admission.
  2. Kerala Dental Council Registration Certificate valid for the year 2009. This certificate need be produced at the time of admission. Admission to the candidate shall be given only after obtaining registration with the Kerala Dental Council.
  3. Original certificates of item 2 to 6 of clause (a) above

No opportunity shall be given to incorporate any details / documents after the submission of application.

Genuineness of Certificates

If the Selection Committee has any doubt about any certificates furnished by a candidate, such certificate shall be accepted only if found genuine on further verification.
Admission even if granted shall be cancelled if it is found later that false certificates had been produced or that the admission had been secured by fraudulent means.

D. Scheme of examination and method of evaluation

The entrance examination will consist of one paper of 3 hours duration containing 200 Objective Type (Multiple Choice) Questions. There will be a single version for the question paper, which will be in the form of a booklet. For each question, four suggested responses will be given as choices A, B, C and D, of which only one will be the MOST APPROPRIATE ANSWER and the candidate, has to select, and mark the bubble corresponding to the most appropriate response in the separate OMR Answer Sheets provided. All entries in the OMR Sheet, including filling of bubbles should be done using ballpoint pen only. (Blue or Black) Each correct response will be awarded 4 (Four) marks. Negative marking will be adopted for incorrect response. One mark will be deducted for each incorrect response and no mark will be given for the question not answered. More than one answer indicated against a question will be deemed as incorrect response and will be negatively marked. (For Service Quota candidates who appear for the common Entrance test, separate rank list will be prepared. The scheme of Examination and method of evaluation for them will be same as in para(1) & (2) above; except that there will be no negative marking for incorrect responses.) At the end of the examination, candidate should hand over the OMR Answer Sheet and Question Booklet to the invigilator, who will separate the Answer Sheet along the perforation in the presence of the candidate. Candidates will not be permitted to take the Question Booklet with them after the Examination. A fully computerized system has been adopted for evaluation of the answer scripts, using the Optical Mark Reading (OMR) system and for the preparation of the Rank list. There is no provision for revaluation or rechecking of the answer sheets. Important : Any malpractice or attempt to commit any kind of malpractice in the examination will result in the disqualification of the candidate and withdrawal of candidature. The competitive examination shall be of the standard of B.D.S. Examination and shall cover all the subjects taught during the B.D.S. Course. The number of questions from each subject will be as shown below:

No. Subjects No. of questions
1 Anatomy 5
2 Physiology 5
3 Biochemistry 5
4 Dental Materials 10
5 General and Dental Pharmacology 10
6 Pathology 5
7 Microbiology 5
8 Oral Anatomy and Histology 10
9 General Medicine 5
10 General Surgery 5
No. Subjects No. of questions
11 Oral Pathology 10
12 Forensic Medicine 5
13 Community Dentistry 15
14 Paedodontics 15
15 Orthodontics 15
16 Oral Medicine and Radiology 15
17 Conservative Dentistry 15
18 Prosthodontics 15
19 Periodontics 15
20 Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 15

Resolution of Tie : If more than one candidate obtains equal marks in the Entrance Examination for General Merit category, candidate who secures higher aggregate marks for B.D.S. examination, will be placed higher in the ranking. If the tie still continues, the candidate older in age will be placed higher in ranking.

(X) Rank List:

( i) The Commissioner for Entrance Examinations will prepare and publish the rank list of candidates who qualified in the Entrance Examination and forward the list to the Director of Medical Education. The list will be made available in the website “” and Press release will also be given regarding the publication of the list. The selection under General merit Quota and SC/ST quota will be purely on merit as assessed in the Entrance examination. Additional seats, if any, sanctioned during the validity of the select and wait list will be filled up from the list. The rank list shall be valid only till 31-05-2009. Any seat that remains vacant beyond 31-05-2009 shall be considered as lapsed.

ii) The rank list of qualified Service Candidates shall be prepared according to their service seniority as per clause VIII (b), by the DME/DHS/DIMS as the case may be. The Director of Health Services and Director of Insurance Medical Services shall forward the rank list of Dental Surgeons, under their control, to DME.

(XI) Allotment of Subject

All the allotment will be done by the Director of Medical Education. Following shall

be the priority in allotment of subject and college under the different category. 1) Lecturers 2) Dental Surgeons 3) General Merit 4) SC/ST candidates

(XII) Method of Selection

(a) General Category - Centralized Allotment Process (CAP)

Allotment to the General Category shall be done through a Centralized Allotment Process. The CAP shall be made through personal appearance for which the candidates will be called in batches in the order of rank, and selection will be made according to the availability of seats for the subjects.
Information regarding the time, date and place of the Centralized Allotment Process will be notified later through leading dailies. No individual intimation will be sent to the candidates for attending CAP. Candidates should appear for the allotment at their own expense.

iii. The candidates can give all possible options in the preference form issued during CAP. Allotment of candidates to the MDS courses shall be made on the basis of the rank obtained in the entrance examination and depending on the availability of seats. If a candidate gets selected for the first option he/she will not be considered for the lower options. If a candidate gets selected for his/her lower option on the day of CAP, he/she will be considered for the higher options as per rank, if vacancy arises on or before 31/05/2009 in that particular subject, provided he/she has joined and is continuing the course of his/her lower option. Options once furnished during the CAP will be final.

iv. Candidates who do not turn up for the allotment as per schedule, at the place and time notifies, will forfeit their chance for admission and will not be considered for admission in future or arising vacancies, irrespective of the Rank. However if a candidate is not able to attend the allotment process on genuine grounds, the parent/ Guardian or any authorized person can act as a proxy at the risk of the candidates on production of authorization letter in the form given in Annexure I. Authorization letter once received will be considered as valid for the entire allotment process, unless the candidate revokes it in writing. A photocopy of the filled authorization letter should also be brought by the proxy at the time of appearance.

(v) Vacancies arising after the CAP will be filled during re-allotments in accordance with the options filed during CAP, the date of which will be notified at the time of CAP. The re allotment list will be published in the website to be notified at the time of CAP. The candidates already selected and joined when moved over to another subject/college on re allotment will have to compulsorily accept that slot. They shall forfeit their stipend for a period proportionate to the period for which they have already drawn. If a candidate is moved over to another college, the candidate will have to pay all fees except tuition fees payable at the time of joining the course.

Note:The re allotments will be published through specified website on specific dates (The details of which will be given during CAP).

Service Candidates
Selection of Service candidates shall be as per seniority among the qualified eligible candidates prepared and as per option exercised at the time of counselling.
Lecturers are selected to their course of study by the Post Graduate Selection Committee, from among eligible candidates as per rank list prepared by the DME.

(iii) The Selection Committee shall consist of the Secretary to Government, Health and Family Welfare Department as Chairman and the Director of Medical Education, Director of Health Services, Director of Insurance Medical Services, Joint Director of Medical Education (M) and Joint Director of Medical Education

(G) as members.

(iv)The provisional rank list of the service candidates, along with objections if any shall be considered by the Post Graduate Selection Committee and shall finalise the select and wait list of lecturers.

(v) The subject wise select and waitlist will be published by the DME for information of the candidates.

(vi)The service candidates of the Health services Department and Insurance Medical Service will be called for personal appearance to exercise their option of subjects.

(XIII) Distribution of un-availed seats under All India Quota

The distribution of seats that are reverted back from the All India Quota will be as per the state allotment policy. The course wise distribution will be decided after these seats are reverted back. The allotment for these seats will be published in the web site as per the options registered by applicants during Centralised allotment process. Candidates are not required to give any preference of subject in the application form.

(XIV). Date of Joining, Joining time, transfer and leave

i) It is mandatory for the candidate to join the course on the date fixed by the

Director of Medical Education if selected at the time of counselling.
ii) If a candidate does not join the course to which he/she is selected or

discontinues the course after joining, his/ her claim for admission for the

higher option shall be forfeit.
iii) No extension of joining time shall be granted.
iv) No allotment/ transfer shall be considered after the last date of admission

prescribed by the Government of India/ Supreme Court.

v) PG students are permitted to avail Casual Leave for 20 days in a year, but not more than 10 days at a stretch. Any other leave will entail extension of the course.

(XV) Stipend

i) The candidates will not be eligible for stipend/Salary until the execution of the bond.

ii) A candidate when moved over to another subject/ college of his/her higher option shall have to forfeit the stipend for the period equivalent to the period for which stipend is drawn already.

(XVI) Private Practice

PG students including service candidates shall not engage in private practice of any sort during the course of study.

(XVII) Liquidated damages & Execution of Bond

The applicants selected for Post Graduate Courses shall have to execute two bonds in stamped paper (All pages of the Bond should be in stamped paper) of the total value of Rs.100 Kerala Stamp Paper each at the time of joining the course to the effect that :

a) He / she shall not discontinue the P.G. Course he / she has been allotted to after the last date of allotment. (AnnexureII)

b) In the case of Service Candidates he / she shall serve the Government for a period not less than 10 years or till superannuation, whichever is earlier after the completion of the course. Service candidates who got admission under Service Quota and not completed the period of Probation as on the day before the date of admission will have to serve the Government for an additional period of two years.

c) All other candidates shall serve the Government (in Health Services/ Medical Education Services) as decided by the Government of Kerala for a period not less than one year if the Government decides so. (Annexure III)

d) If a Post Graduate student discontinues the P.G course after the validity period of the rank list he/she shall pay Rs. 3 lakhs/- as Liquidated Damages in addition to the stipend/ Salary already received along with the amount spend by Government for their studies.

e) If anyone violates the condition mentioned in (b) and (c) above, it will be construed as Professional Misconduct and the fact reported to the Kerala Dental Council for suitable action including cancellation of Registration by the Council. In the case of service candidates a Penalty of Rs.7 lakhs (In addition to the stipend/salary already received by the candidate along with the amount spend by Government for their studies with interest as fixed by Government) shall also be levied as liquidated damages. In the case of non service candidates an amount of Rs.5 lakhs in addition to the stipend/salary received by the candidate along with the amount spend by Government for their studies with interest as fixed by Government.

f) No Admission shall be made with out getting the bond as detailed above executed at the time of joining or within a period of 7 days at the discretion of the Principal concerned. Any lapse in this regard will be treated as the liability of the Principal concerned. (Format of the bond are appended as Annexure II&III)

g) There shall be two different Bonds – one for the Service Candidates and another for other candidates.

h) If Govt. is not in a position to offer job in the concerned Specialty either in the Medical Education Services or Health Services within three years after completion of the course, the candidates will be absolved of the bonded obligation. Government have power to appoint them (if required) through recruitment board (KPSC etc.) or by direct appointment on contract basis whichever is deemed fit as per the circumstances prevailing at the time.

i) Format of the Bond are appended on Annexure II & IIII. No deviation from the wordings/ Conditions in the bond from the prescribed format is allowed.

(XVIII) No candidate shall be permitted to do post graduate course in more than one speciality simultaneously. One should have completed or discontinued the course before joining post graduate course in a different speciality.

(XIX) Not withstanding anything contained in the prospectus, the Government may at any time on their-own accord or otherwise after calling for the records of the case revise any order passed by a subordinate authority.

(XX) This prospectus is subject to modification /addition as may be considered necessary by the Government and will be issued as executive orders/modifications.

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