Create A Personal Slideshow At Roxio

I like taking photos from my camera. Photoshop has become like a hobby. I do photo editing in free time as time pass. Everyday you can learn to add a bit more spice t your photos and I found a similar site which helps you to enhance your photos and also add a little bit more to it for sharing.

Lets take an example
Here are a couple of images:

Now see this:

You can see the difference yourself but these are some things that you don't know.
You can even burn them on DVD to share with family and friends.
It supports GIF, JPEG, PNG and BMP. The speed of uploading your photos will depend on the size of your photos. Since I only have 3, it should be quite fast… The size limit is 20MB. You can also add in music, style, captions and stickers in it.

Try out various options at Roxio online and you will find it interesting.

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