St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants

Medical assistants as healthcare professionals perform administrative and clinical tasks to keep the offices of physicians, podiatrists, chiropractors, and other health practitioners running smoothly. Given their role as healthcare professionals the demand for medical assistants is only on the rise.

Increasing utilization of medical assistants in the rapidly growing healthcare industry is witnessing fast employment growth for the occupation with nursing and medical assistant schools growing in a big way. This ultimately means better trained professionals to meet the challenge of offering best service. And if you are worried of the huge fees and time requirement of the various classroom programs then your problem is solved here.

Enroll for medical assistant programonli at St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants, learn at your convenience and earn with respect. Medical assistants deal with the public, hence, courtesy, pleasant manner, patience, ability to withstand stress are all the qualities required of them. This is where professional training is required for prospective medical assistants to master these skills and shoulder responsibilities as the sole support for patients.

They strive hard to help you achieve your career goal of a medical assistant. A medical assistant certificate can definitely mean greater career opportunity, faster promotion, and higher income. Yet, they make the time and affordability completely flexible to suit personalized needs. Towards this, has online training for medical assistants setup, anytime learning facility and 24x7 assistance to help through all your queries. To make it more effective, their team comprises of experts in the field of healthcare and hospitality. You can earn your certificate in the most convenient and efficient way possible.

Medical Assistant program – from Registration to exam

  • Register Online
  • Your student ID # and password will be sent by email to you
  • This will give you access to online classes
  • Complete online classes at your pace
  • When ready, take our online Medical Assistant exam
  • After you complete our online exam, your Medical Assistant certificate and transcripts will reach you by mail.
Moreover currently their "Online Enrollment Drive" is running which means the tuition fee is just $645. You save $575 off our regular tuition fee of $1215. The innovative distance education program now makes a Medical Assistant education affordable to many students who can not afford the $4,000-$8,000 for many of the programs in traditional classroom setting programs. So its time to get your “Medical assistant” degree.

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