A Unique IQ Test On Your Financial Status

I recently took the Bills IQ quiz. The goal of the quiz is to give you an understanding of your overall financial health and ways to improve your financial score. I received scores as given below:

  • Credit - 93%
  • Debt - 87%
  • Budget - 93%
  • Wealth - 83%
  • Life Plan - 85%

I have learned a lot of things from taking the quiz from BillsIQ, some of it are, we should be more aware about our goals for the future. We should know the importance of Debt consolidation, 401K & life insurance. I’m glad I was able to give a little time to review my options regarding the life insurance because if there’s something unexpected to happen. I believe that this IQ test will give anyone a chance to evaluate their financial health and get Debt help.

Bills.com provides consumers with information and interactive tools dealing with personal finance topics, including credit cards, insurance,Debt relief assistance, mortgage loans, student loans and other personal loans. The company is one of the five divisions of Freedom Financial Network.

After the IQ test they also give suggestions on what can be done to improve your condition. I got these three suggestions: Get help with credit card debt, Refinance your Mortgage and Get a free Credit Report.

By this IQ test you definitely can tell about your weakness and strongest area on your finances. If you are working towards your financial freedom, you must visit www.bills.com/iq/ take your free Bills IQ. It is free and quick so visit and start understanding your financial status.

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