Best B-Schools of Singapore

B-Schools in Singapore are extremely popular and attract a number of national and international students every year. A number of different types of management programs are offered by the B-schools in Singapore. MBA, BBA and 12 months management programs are some of the most popular courses offered by some of the top B-schools in Singapore. Many B-schools in Singapore also offer part time management courses to its students.

Top B-Schools in Singapore

National University of Singapore (NUS) Business School
NUS Business school is one of the leading business schools in Asia and is also considered among one of the most popular international schools. It was established in the year 2002. There are 100 full time faculty members who are dedicated towards providing the a right take off for its students in their field of management. NUS business school programs are infused with individual assignments, group projects, case studies, quizzes and term papers. This helps the candidates to get practical management knowledge that will help them attain the skills required to succeed in any kind of business. NUS students who undertake its main MBA programs can either enroll for the 17 months or 12 months course. The MBA program at NUS also offers 5 areas of specialization for its students.

Nanyang Business School
Nanyang business school is considered as one of the finest business school in Singapore. It is an industry oriented business school that offers management programs that is research and practical experience based. Students who enroll for the management programs at Nanyang business school get the opportunity to interact and work with business professionals and entrepreneurs. The business schools offers an ambiance that is a blend of diverse cultures and business environment. The Nanyang business school also offers you general MBA and specialized MBA programs. A double masters degree is also offered by Nanyang business school. Some of the areas that the management programs of Nanyang business school specialize in are accountancy, finance, international business, marketing, strategy, technology, knowledge management and international studies.

INSEAD Business School
INSEAD Business School in Singapore promises to offer you a life changing opportunity through its management programs that will challenge your thought process, give you a different outlook and help you choose a bright future for yourself. The MBA curriculum at INSEAD business school has been designed to provide you the necessary skills and techniques that will help you make a career for yourself in the international business zone. INSEAD business school makes sure that you are exposed to number of different types of work cultures. Students who enroll for the MBA programs at INSEAD business school are made to work in groups and do a lot of research based study. B-Schools of Singapore are known for their unique educational techniques and a thrilling student population that is a mixed blend of brilliant talents from different nationalities and cultures. MBA and other management programs at these B-schools prepare you thoroughly for a bright future in the international scenario.

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