Global Long Distance Calls Made Cheaper By Tabrio

As a blogger I have many friends over the world. Apart from this there are relatives over the world. To communicate with them we generally use internet chats, facebook, orkut and other means generally because calling on phone them happens to be very expensive!

That was the case with me and I have found a surprising way to solve it. A few days back I stumbled through a site named It is a website offering huge savings on international calls and global text messages at extremely low rates. Also signup there is free!

Tabrio help to make high quality, low-cost, long distance calls, send and reply to global text messages at super low rates, and easily manage your global contact list, from any phone or PC.

Benefits of Tabrio are many but a few are listed below

Affordable long distance

As I have said you can say goodbye to expensive long distance rates. Tabrio uses your local phone connection, for huge savings on international voice calls and text messages. Now you don't have to sacrifice high call quality for low long distance rates. With Tabrio, you get both.

You also get Two-way global text messaging and Easy contact management

Rates of Tabrio are really less and if you are worried about the other services which rob you later then Tabrio is much better is this case. They have a rate calculator which tells you the rate not only for particular countries but also service providers.

So if your need exists for making international calls then Tabrio is for you.

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