Annamalai University Distance Education Admissions Notification 2008 - 2009

Correspondence Courses - MBA, MCA, M.Com, M.A., M.Sc.,BA, B.Sc. BBA, Law, Diploma and PG Diploma Programmes

Annamalai University Directorate of Distance Education Annamalainagar

Institute of Distance Education

Recognised by Distance Education Council, New Delhi

Academic Year Admission 2008-2009

Annamalai University Directorate of Distance Education Annamalainagar-608 002


Tel: 04144-238610, 238047, Fax: 04144-238987

All Programmes are Approved by Distance Education Council, New Delhi

Admission Notification: 2008-2009

Approval of Distance Education Council is mandatory for employment in Government jobs

I. Foundation Programmes* 1. Foundation Programme First Year 2. Foundation Programme Second Year

II. Under Graduate Programmes Duration: Three Years 1. B.A. Tamil 2. B.A. Functional Tamil 3. B.A. English
4. B.A. English & Communication 5. B.A. Economics* 6. B.A. Business Economics 7. B.A. History* 8. B.A. History & Heritage Mgmt* 9. B.A. Sociology* 10. B.A. Social Work 11. B.A. Political Science* 12. B.A. Public Admn.* 13. B.A. Police Administration* 14. B.A. Social and Civic Studies* 15. B.A. Population Studies* 16. B.Com.* 17. B.Com. Computer Applications 18. B.Com. (Business Studies) 19. B.Com. International Business 20. B.Com. Accounting & Finance* 21. B.Com. (Marketing Mgmt.)* 22. B. Lit. (Tamil) 23. B.B.A. (Bachelor of Business Administration)* 24. B.B.A. Computer Applications 25. B.Sc. Psychology 26. B.A. Human Rights* 27. B.A. Social Welfare Administration* 28. B.Sc. Mathematics 29. B.Sc. Mathematics with Computer Applications 30. B.Sc. Physics 31. B.Sc. Electronic Science 32. B.Sc. Applied Chemistry 33. Botany
34. B.Sc. Zoology

III. Post Graduate Programmes
Duration: Two Years

1. M.A. Tamil 2. M.A. English 3. M.A. Sociology* 4. M.L.M. Master of Labour Mgmt. 5. M.A. Economics* 6. M.A. Business Economics* 7. M.A. Environmental Economics* 8. M.A. History* 9. M.A. History & Heritage Management* 10. M.A. History & Tourism Mgmt. 11. M.A. Population Studies* 12. M.A. Political Science*
13. M.A. Public Administration* 14. M.A. International Relations* 15. M.A. Police Administration*
16. M.A. Linguistics* 17. M.A. Translation Studies 18. M.A. Human Rights* 19. M.A. Social Welfare Administration* 20. M.Com. Co-operative Mgmt. 21. M.Com. Banking and Insurance Mgmt.* 22. M.Com. Education Mgmt. 23. M.S.W. Master of Social Work 24. M.Sc. Applied Psychology 25. M.Sc. Mathematics
26. M.Sc. Physics 27. M.Sc. Zoology 28. M.Sc. Chemistry 29. M.Sc. Botany 30. M.Sc. Electronic Science 31. M.Sc. Geo-Informatics 32. M.Com.* 33. M.Com. Accounting & Finance 34. M.Com. Computer Applications
35. M.Com. Entrepreneurship

IV. Law Programmes
a. Post Graduate Programme 1. LL.M. – Three Years

b. Degree Programmes Duration: Two Years 2. B.G.L. (Bachelor of General Laws) Duration: Three Years
3. B.A.L. (Bachelor of Academic Law) 4. B.B.L. (Bachelor of Business Law)

c. Diploma Programmes Duration: One Year 5. Diploma in Labour Laws with Administrative Law 6. Diploma in Law of Taxation

d. P.G. Diploma Programme Duration: One Year 7. P.G. Diploma in Criminology & Forensic Science
V. P.G. Diploma and Diploma Programmes Duration: One Year

P.G. Diploma in

(A) Management Duration: One Year

1. Business Administration 2. Personnel Management and Industrial Relations 3. Marketing Management
4. Financial Management 5. Tourism Management 6. Advertising 7. Public Relations 8. Software Marketing
9. Foreign Trade 10. Entrepreneurship

(B) Engineering & Technology Duration: One Year P.G. Diploma in 11. Materials Management 12. Design and construction of Concrete Structures 13. Water Resources Development & Management 14. Environmental Management 15. Computer Aided Design of Concrete Structures 16. Quantity Surveying & Valuation 17. Automobile Maintenance 18. Automobile Pollution & Control 19. Power Plant Instrumentation & Control 20. Electrical Safety & Safety Management 21. Electrical Energy Management & Energy Audit
22. VLSI Design 23. Electronics & Instrumentation

Diploma in 24. Production Management 25. Concrete Technology and Design of Concrete Structures 26. Construction Management 27. Chemical Process, Instrumentation and Control 28. Mining Engineering
29. Energy Engineering 30. Maintenance Engg. & Management 31. Welding Engineering & Technology
32. Quality Management 33. Petroleum Refining Engineering 34. Industrial Bio-technology 35. Industrial Safety 36. Industrial Pollution and Control 37. Industrial Hygiene 38. Food and Nutrition 39. Food Preservation Technology 40. Design of Foundation Systems 41. Damage Assessment, Repair & Rehabilitation of Structures 42. Embedded Systems and Applications 43. Drives & Control
44. Industrial Automation

(C) Education (P.G. Diploma) Duration: One Year 45. Educational Administration and Supervision 46. Instructional Technology 47. Parental Education 48. Adult and Continuing Education 49. Special Olympic
50. Fitness Management

(D) Marine Biology (P.G. Diploma) Duration: One Year 51. Marine Environmental Pollution and anagement
52. Aquaculture Management 53. Marine Microbial Technology 54. Diploma in Freshwater Fish Culture

(E) Earth Sciences (P.G. Diploma) Duration: One Year 55. Natural Resources 56. Petroleum Exploration
57. Mineral Exploration and Mining 58. Ground Water Exploration and Management

(F) Other P.G. Diploma Duration: One Year 59. Herbal Science 60. Sociology of Health 61. Hospital Management 62. English Language Teaching 63. N.G.O. Management 64. Co-operative Management*
65. Guidance and Counselling 66. Natural Language Processing 67. Software Based Statistical Analysis
68. Actuarial Statistics 69. Waste Management

(G) Other Diploma Duration: One Year 70. Tamil Journalism 71. Folklore 72. English Journalism 73. Mass Communication 74. Accounting and Finance 75. Self Help Group Management* 76. Public Administration* 77. Human Rights* 78. Social Welfare Administration* 79. Police Administration* 80. Saiva Siddhanta*

VI. Certificate Programmes Duration: One Year 1. Automobile Technology* 2. Offset Machine Printing*3. Office Management* 4. Binding and Finishing 5. Soil Ecology, Earthworms Culture & Composting* 6. Spoken English

VII.Library Science Programmes Duration: One Year 1. M.L.I.S. (Master of Library and Information Science) 2. B.L.I.S. (Bachelor of Library and Information Science) 3. C.L.I.S. (Certificate Programme in Library and Information Science)*

VIII. Pharmacy Programmes Duration: One Year 1. P.G. Diploma in Promoting Rational Drug Use 2. P.G. Diploma in Pharmacy Practice & Drug Store Management

IX. Yoga & Meditation Programmes Duration: One Year 1. Diploma in Yoga* 2. P.G. Diploma in Yoga

X. Agri-Related Programmes Duration: One Year

P.G. Diploma in 1. Dairy Technology 2. Agricultural Marketing Mgmt. 3. Plant Protection 4. Ornamental and Landscape Gardening 5. Systems Management in Natural Farming 6. Intellectual Property Rights

Diploma in 7. Horticultural Nursery Management 8. Biopesticides Technology & Biofertilizer Production 9. Poultry Management 10. Coastal Agriculture 11. Commercial Entomology 12. Commercial Floriculture* 13. Agri Business Management* 14. Livestock Products Technology* 15. Urban Pest Management 16. Post Harvest Technology and Processing of Horticultural Procedure

XI. Music Programmes Under Graduate Programmes Duration: 3 Years (Medium: Tamil) B. Music in Vocal, Veena, Violin, Mridangam, Flute (English & Tamil Medium) B. Dance Diploma Programmes Duration: 4 Years Medium: Tamil , Diploma in Vocal, Veena, Violin, Mridangam (Title of Isaikalaimani) Diploma in Dance (Title of Nattiyakalaimani) , Certificate Programme: (Duration 2 years) Medium: Tamil Vocal, Veena, Violin and Dance

XII. Management Programmes Duration: 2 Years M.B.A. (Em & TM) M.B.A. E-Business M.B.A. International Business M.B.A. Human Resource Management M.B.A. Financial Management M.B.A. Marketing Management

XIII. Health Science Programmes Master of Health Science in Duration: 2 Years 1. Reproductive and Sexual Medicine 2. Adolescent Health & Education 3. Preventive Cardiology 4. Physiotherapy 5. Applied Nutrition 6. Medico-legal Practice 7. Wellness Health Science 8. Occupational therapy 9. Applied Ergonomics 10. Public Health M.B.A. Hospital Management

PG Diploma in Health Science in Diploma: 1 Year 1. Maternity and Neonatal Care 2. Accident & Emergency Care 3. Wellness Health Science 4. Reproductive and Sexual Medicine 5. Adolescent Health & Education 6. Diabetology 7. Ultrasonography 8. Family Medicine 9. Tobacco Control 10. Acupuncture 11. Public Health 12. Applied Nutrition 13. Applied Ergonomics 14. Medico-legal Practice 15. Medical Cosmetology 16. Adolescent Health Care 17. Occupational Therapy 18. Medical Law & Ethics 19. Physiotherapy 20. Echo-Cardiography 21. Preventive Cardiology

Diploma in Health Science in Duration: 1 Year 1. Diabetes Patient Education 2. Medical Laboratory Technology 3. Operation Theatre Techniques 4. Critical Care Nursing Certificate Programme in ECG Operations (1 Year

XIV. I.T. Related Programmes P.G. Programmes: Duration: Three Years M.C.A. (Master of Computer Applications) Duration: Two Years M.Sc. (Information Technology) M.Sc. (Software Engineering) M.Sc. Computer Science M.Sc. Bio-Informatics

U.G. Programmes: Duration: Three Years B.C.A. (Bachelor of Computer Applications) B.Sc. Computer Science B.Sc. Information Technology B.Sc. Visual Communication

P.G. Diploma Programme: Duration: One Year P.G. Diploma in Computer Applications (PGDCA) P.G. Diploma in Library Automation and Networking Diploma Programme: Duration: One year Diploma in Computer Applications (DCA)

CYP-HRD Diploma in Youth Development Work In Collaboration with the Commonwealth Secretariat, London, The U.K. Two Diploma Certificates, One from Annamalai University another from London Secretariat.

All Programmes (including Post-facto approval prior to 2007) are approved by the Distance Education Council, New Delhi

3% of seats reserved for persons with disabilities
*Offered in English & Tamil Medium

Last Date for Admission: 05-11-2008
Scholarship as per G.O.Ms. No. 73 dt. 14-07-2004 available for SC/ST unemployed students and their parents annual income does not exceed Rs. 1,00,000/- subject to the Rules and Regulations.

Programmes: M.B.A., Health Science, P.G. I.T. Cost of Application Form: In Person (By Cash): Rs. 250/- and By Post Rs: 290/-

Programmes: UG-I.T./PG Diploma/Diploma Programmes Cost of Application Form: In Person (BY Cash): Rs. 100/- and By Post Rs. 130/-

Programmes: All Other Programmes Cost of Application Form: In Person (By Cash): Rs. 75/- and By Post Rs. 100/-

Students presently studying UG/PG Programme in the recognized Universities/Colleges in India are eligible to join any UG/PG Programme concurrently.

For 24 hour helpline use: 04144-237356, 237357, 237358, 237359, 239796, 239797, 239798, 239799

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