ITM Exam 2009 Scholarship, ITM Exam 2009

ITM Business School awards a limited number of scholarships/assistantships for exceptional students who are financially challenged. These range from a tuition fee waiver of 25% to 100%, often in exchange for on-campus employment as research assistants, administrative assistants, event managers etc.

Candidates seeking a Scholarship award must submit their applications before December 31, 2008.The Admissions Committee awards scholarships at its sole discretion, selecting candidates based on the criteria mentioned below (see Selection Process). Additional weightage is often, but not always given to candidates with 2+ years work experience, previous Masters level education (non-Business), and financial condition of the candidate and his family.

Bank Finance/ Education Loan

If you are looking to finance your education through a bank, you will be pleased to know that ITM is listed as an approved Institution at all nationalized banks, and has an excellent reputation amongst private banks and financial institutions too. Most education loan schemes offer delayed repayment, which allows students to complete their programs and settle into their careers, without the immediate load of monthly installments. ITM Business School also has an agreement with Andhra Bank and is a preferred partner for educational loans.

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