Securities Markets Programme SMP at IICM

Financial markets across the world are getting integrated and complex due to technological advancements and marketising of most of the erstwhile closed economies. This process warranted the market professionals to be equipped with the knowledge of the various market processes, and the understanding of broader role of various segments of the markets. In this backdrop, in order to develop the professionals with adequate skill and knowledge in the securities markets, IICM offers a one-year postgraduate diploma in securities markets "Securities Markets Programme" (SMP).

The thrust of the one-year full-time Securities Markets Programme (SMP) is to prepare a cadre of professionals primarily for careers in the securities markets. SMP inputs are designed to:
• abstract the building blocks of the securities markets, understand them conceptually, and develop a capability to design the solutions that meets specific requirements
• develop skill sets necessary to perform the key technical activities in the securities markets.

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