NIPER JEE 2009, NIPER Mohali, NIPER Eligibility

Institutes Available disciplines
NIPER, Ahmedabad Biotechnology, Natural Products, Pharmaceutics
NIPER, Guwahati Pharmacology & Toxicology, Pharmacy Practice
NIPER, Hajipur Biotechnology, Pharmacoinformatics, Pharmacy Practice
NIPER, Hyderabad Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Pharmacology & Toxicology
NIPER, Kolkata Medicinal Chemistry, Natural Products, Pharmacoinformatics
NIPER, Rae Barelli Medicinal Chemistry , Pharmaceutics
NIPER, S.A.S. Nagar Biotechnology, Medicinal Chemistry, Natural Products, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Pharmaceutical Management, Pharmaceutical Technology (Biotechnology), Pharmaceutical Technology (Bulk Drugs), Pharmaceutical Technology (Formulations), Pharmaceutics, Pharmacoinformatics, Pharmacology & Toxicology, Pharmacy Practice, Regulatory Toxicology, Traditional Medicine

Eligibility- (A) M.S. (Pharm.); M.Pharm. ; M.Tech. (Pharm.)

Discipline Programme Eligibility for Application
Biotechnology M.S.(Pharm.) B.Pharm./M.Sc.(Biological Sciences)
Medicinal Chemistry M.S. (Pharm.) B.Pharm./M.Sc.(Organic Chemistry)
Natural Products M.S. (Pharm.) B.Pharm./M.Sc.(Organic Chemistry)
Pharmaceutical Analysis M.S. (Pharm.) B.Pharm./M.Sc.(Organic/ Analytical Chemistry)
Pharmaceutical Technology (Biotechnology) M.Tech. (Pharm.) B.Pharm./M.Sc.(Life Sciences)
Pharmaceutical Technology (Bulk Drugs) M.Tech. (Pharm.) B.Pharm./M.Sc.(Organic Chemistry)/B.Tech. (Chemical Engg. or equivalent)
Pharmaceutical Technology (Formulations) M.Pharm. B.Pharm.
Pharmaceutics M.S.(Pharm.) B. Pharm.
Pharmacoinformatics M.S. (Pharm.) B.Pharm./M.Sc.(Organic Chemistry/Pharmaceutical Chemistry)/M.Sc./B.Tech. (Bioinformatics)/M.Sc. (Biochemistry/Biotechnology/Molecular Biology/Microbiology)
Pharmacology & Toxicology M.S. (Pharm.) B.Pharm./B.V.Sc./M.B.B.S.
Pharmacy Practice M.Pharm. B. Pharm.
Regulatory Toxicology M.S. (Pharm.) B.Pharm./B.V.Sc./M.Sc.(Pharmacology/Toxicology/Life Sciences/Biochemistry/Medical Biotechnology/ Zoology)/M.B.B.S.
Traditional Medicines M.S. (Pharm.) B.Pharm./B.A.M.S./M.Sc.(Botany)

Candidates should have a minimum CGPA of 6.75 (or 60% marks) for General, 6.25 (or 55% marks) for SC/ST, 5.75 (or 50% marks) for physically handicapped (PH) candidates on a 10 point scale in the qualifying examination and also have valid GATE/NET qualification. Percentage of marks or CGPA shall be calculated taking the aggregate scored by the candidate in all years or as per the norms of the concerned university/Institute. 5% of total number of seats are available for officially sponsored candidates from the Govt. Department /P.S.U./R&D organisation with minimum of 2 years experience. Valid GATE/NET score is essential qualification for all disciplines (including M.B.A.) except for the following category of candidates:- (i) Candidates holding B.V.Sc. /M.B.B.S./B.A.M.S. degree; (ii) Foreign nationals; (iii) NRI and their wards category (in case of M.B.A (Pharm.) only; (iv) Sponsored candidates from Public/Private Sector undertakings, Govt. Departments and Research and Development Organizations.

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