AT&T Small Business InSite - Tech make over contest

Furthering its commitment to small businesses, AT&T* announced the AT&T Small Biz Tech Makeover contest for businesses nationwide. To thank entrepreneurs and small business owners for their continued support of and interaction with AT&T's online resource center, AT&T is sponsoring an online contest for small businesses to win a technology overhaul for their business.

The Grand Prize is remarkable, with a products and service package that includes include Web hosting services, AT&T Secure Mail, AT&T Tech Support 360, a pair of 3G mobile smartphones and a variety of other advanced solutions that can be used to improve collaboration or drive small business productivity. A one-on-one consultation with a small business expert: Winner will receive a complete business assessment and customized roadmap for success.

Getting your business plan together and in order is one of the most simple, yet most effective and essential parts of starting a business. The technology and computer aspects of a small business are just another confusing step for most. This is where AT&T Small Business InSite web portal and contest come in handy. They have all the advice and resources that a small business could want. From help to business structure to the latest and geatest offerings in phones and communication tech.

To celebrate AT&T’s InSite, they have opened up a contest that started July 13 and will award it to one lucky winner. Anyone can join. Simply create a 2 minute video telling why your small business needs a tech makeover and how unique it is that it stands above the rest. Complete the online entry form, then upload your video. The AT&T InSite exists to help small business owners to boost their bottom line using their services, solutions and resources. I encourage you to join the contest. It is free after all and the tech makeover may be just what your business needs.

Even if you're not interested in entering the contest, make sure you check out the AT&T redesigned online resource center. Called AT&T Small Business InSite, the site is focused on enabling the success of small business customers by delivering robust and interactive “how-to” advice that helps both the seasoned small business owner and the “just-getting-started” entrepreneur integrate advanced business technologies into their businesses.
So be sure to check AT&T Small Business InSite out.

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