Leave Your Mark. Save Humanity

The most widely used key in almost all fantasy books is undoubtedly immortality. Some modified versions like fountain of youth and eternity potions also exist. Come out of these fantasies because now you do have a chance to become immortal.

Does immortal only mean YOU living forever? We can also take it as leaving your mark forever. Some ways of doing it are get a noble prize or do something great enough do get your name printed in scriptures. You can get your names printed there for wrong reasons (easier than the earlier!) but surely none of us wants it that way.

At operationimmortality.com you have a chance to become immortal. It is an online game with something more to it. Just leave your message there and it will be put in space forever. That will make you immortal.

The message which I gave was “The first casualty when war comes is truth.” ID 849. I choose this as my motto because everyone has some truth in their heart and to avoid it coming out they mould want to avoid a war. Everybody knows what a nuclear war at this stage can cause to this earth and if I can do anything to avoid it I would be most satisfied.

Send your message to the universe. But if you want to do it, you have to hurry up and send it before this month comes to end. All the messages will be stored in an immortal drive and then it will be sent to space in October 2008. To do so, they want you to play a game. It’s a very simple and interesting game called Tabula Rasa, don’t worry it’s not something you have to buy but it’s a completely free online game and you can download it from their website.

So give your bit towards saving humanity.

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