NTSE-2009 National Talent Search Examination Books

Recently I got questions about which books should be referred for NTSE-2009 National Talent Search Examination. NTSE exams are based on your intelligence and your 8th standard CBSE books will be enough for the exam. However there are many specific books for NTSE and you can refer them. You can consult your class teacher of respective subjects for the books to refer. Practically it is suggested to refer those books.

NCERT does good work in case of books. Recommended books for all subjects of all standards are available on the website. You just need to check what you need. Some of the links are given below. Always helpful :)

Instructions regarding Downloading and reading books.
Download books.
List of NCERT Textbooks for Classes I to XII.

For further information regarding Printed Books Contact:

Chief Business Manager,
Publication Division,
NCERT Campus, Sri Aurobindo Marg,
New Delhi 110 016
Phone : 011-26562708,Fax - 011-26851070,
E-mail: cbm.ncert@nic.in

Happy studying!

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