Electrical Engineering as a Career Option

Electrical Engineers have, today, become the indispensable to society because of the increasing demand for electrical energy, the development in audio and video communication systems, and the automation in industry. The role of an electrical engineer comprises the design and development of more efficient electrical machinery, power systems, and control equipment for the generation, transmission and distribution of electrical energy and telecommunication

Necessary Qualifications

To become an electrical engineer, it is necessary to be a graduate (BE) or a diploma holder in electrical engineering.

Academic Programme

Here the stress is on a deep understanding of electrical and electronic networks and devices, electromagnetic field theory, electrical energy converters, electrical energy distribution systems etc. At the ME or postgraduate level, specialization in control and instrumentation, electronics and communication, power apparatus and systems, etc. is done.

Job Opportunities

Electrical engineers find jobs in power plants, whether atomic, hydel or thermal power plants. They get jobs in public and private sector industries such as railways, civil aviation, and all types of manufacturing plants. They can also get into teaching in India or abroad or continue with research in laboratories.

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